Photo Gallery

Voici quelques photos de mes creations et accessoires / Here is a selection of my creations and accessories

IMG_7296 IMG_7301 IMG_7282 IMG_7281 IMG_7273 IMG_7289

Sprocket pillow Threads Corded pouch big ladybug Flat pouch strawberries Flat Pouch farm Flat pouch Tut tut back Flat pouch Tut tut front with bow Flat pouches moustaches Flat pouches teatime Flat pouch close up look embroidery Guitar accessory holder full Guitar accessory holder inside Mimicoud orders Notebook cover and assorted pencil case yellow cherry Purses Tote 3 Vinyl Checkbook holder birds Vinyl Checkbook holder flowers Vinyl Checkbook holder UK flagsBig make up pouch orange flowers Flat pouch apples Handbag Hungarian style bracelet Man small bag inside Man small bag Pencil case Afro Tote bag africaBusiness card holder elephant pink orderBusiness card holder elephant pink Business card holder elephant pink inside Business card holder Ladybug yellow Business card holder Liberty Business cards holders  Mimicoud business cards orders Headband Liberty blueNotebook cover Farm Notebook cover Yello cherryCupcake Saudade DressLili pond Saudade Dresses front Lili pond Saudade Dresses backBees Bucket Hat  Baby growbag ArthurBaby growbag AxellePacifier chain Plane Bucket HatBow hair clip blue bird Bow hair clip pink baby stars Bow hair clip pink stars Bow hair clip red polka dot Bow hair clip vintage blue Coasters Love heart Blue-red Love heart pink roses Pillow cases assorted moustaches Pillow cover moustaches Plastic bag dispenser patchwork Plastig bag dispenser patchwork below Pot holders Sprocket pillow Clutch bow + dressClutch bag blue birds with blue polka dot bow Clutch bag vintage pink with brown bow Clutch bow 2 Flat pouch apples Flat pouch carte grise front Flat pouch strawberries Flat purse blue bird Hungarian style bracelet Pencil case big - strawberries Pouch - personalized Armellou Pouch Applicious Pouch Little Red Riding Hood Pouch pigs Pouch Tapestry with bow Pouch teatime Pouch Yellow cherry Pouches ladybug Pourch matrioshka Sleeping mask - bonne nuit deep blue Sleeping mask - dreams white Sleeping mask - gd night pink Sleeping mask - sweet dreams pink Tissue pack cover funky Tissue pack cover Toiletry bag cupcakes Toiletry bag


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